™ China Facts & Executive Seminars:

China has developed a large and complex economy.
Many Chinese and foreign companies are building significant business in China.
Many entrepreneurs and senior executives are asking, “Is China a place I can
setup and make money?”….”Is this the time to enter the market?”

Your first step evaluating China opportunities is sometimes the most critical. Starting in
the right direction can lead your organization to a productive venture. Starting down the wrong path can cause costly mistakes or delays.

      Some initial questions we have helped clients begin to answer as they consider China:

  What business options does a Foreign company have in China?
  Is China’s economy capitalist or communist?
  How long does it take to setup?
  What is the market in China like for our products or services?
  How big is it? Who competes in it today?
  What impact will China’s bureaucracy have on my plans?
  What is the tax structure like?
  What are the risks and benefits of entering China for my business?

Sometimes clients need on-the-ground facts collected about a 
specific business sector in China.
Or they need answers to a few China questions in order to continue
an internal investigation.

In response to many requests, we offer two cost effective solutions to help senior executives and China decision makers assess early stage issues in China:

CHINA FACTS out targeted research program
EXECU-PREP our one day China seminars     

Targeted research to get
the market facts you need..
 Regulatory procedures
 Site selection issues
 Sector specific research
 Market conditions
 Successful operating strategies
 Case studies
 Regional differences
Interactive seminars, at your premises,
Tailored to you and your China team
 China economic overview
 Market conditions in your business sector   
 Business entry options
 The procedures for setting up a business
 Risks and rewards of entering the market
 Timeframes and investments required to execute in China
 Future forecast for China in the global marketplace

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