Market Entry

Since China joined the WTO in 2001, it has been viewed as the world’s leading growth market for almost every product or service. Repeatedly, China is on the top of every CEO’s “to do” list. 

Companies have increasingly put their money where their expectations are. China has led the world in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the past few years. More than 400,000 foreign enterprises have been setup since economic reforms began.

However, the environment continues to challenge the operating excellence of foreign companies in many ways.
      Two cultures, two languages, one ocean
      Significant information and capability gaps
      “Foggy” market data
      Limited human capital
 The China Challenge     Unrealistic market expectations  
      A complex regulatory environment
      IPR theft
      A biased legal system providing little comfort to foreign businesses
      Increasing costs
      An uncertain currency


We help clients overcome many of these hurdles to build successful businesses in China.

1.  Identify and quantifying executable opportunities.
2.  Develop a strategy based on market realities.
3.  Create the optimal business structure and register your China company.
4.  Launch local operations.
5.  Grow and evolve in the marketplace.


• Opportunity assessment
• Market intelligence
• Regulatory diagnostics
• Investment & Tax requirements
• Business Structures & Entry Options
• Strategy development
• Building a business case
• Partnership ID and negotiations
• Wholly Owned Business registration
• Executive recruiting
• Investment & Tax planning
• Construction oversight
• Building distributor networks
• Negotiating licensees
• Identifying valuable investments

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