Manufacturing in China:

The majority of foreign investment in China continues to be in the manufacturing
sector. For many industrial companies, remaining competitive in home markets
requires a place in the China supply chain.

Our comprehensive manufacturing services help you establish a Foreign Invested
Enterprise (FIE) in China and get your plant started efficiently and productively.
We work with clients to: 

  Manufacturing Startup Services:

• Assess and Compare Costs:


  • Labor
• Materials
• Occupancy
• Validation
  • Evaluate Optimal Economic Enterprise Zones
• Oversight   • SEZ
• Timeliness • Select a site
• Register a Foreign Invested Entity (FIE) 
• Understand the impact of China’s Tax Policies
• Plan Facilities
• Manage Construction and Renovation projects
• Hire China Senior Executives
• Build sourcing & supply chains
• Start operations
• Execution

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