Gaining Traction in China:

Working with clients marketing their products in China, we follow a 5 step process to target the right markets, build capabilities and execute:

Identifying Opportunities:

Our detailed market profiles help clients understand the size and growth in their product sectors
and evaluate the costs and risk of market entry. 

      Product Category:Your product and Category
   Addressable Market Size: $300 Mil - $450 Mil  
   Growth Potential: 35-40% per year driven by growing consumer spending  
   Competitive Landscape: Highly fragmented between global and local players
   Leading Channels:  Department stores, Electronic Superstores, Discount Supermarkets (Wal-Mart, Carrefour,        Etc.)

Getting to Market:

When clients identify valid opportunities in China, we help evaluate the optimal structure for entering the market.

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