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For years, China has served as a base for Western companies purchasing cost advantaged consumer and industrial products. In the 10 years from 1996 to 2005 China’s exports have
increased from US$150 Billion to over US$600 Billion and are expected to continue at a pace
over 10% per year.

Many companies look at China as a vast playground of potential suppliers. The challenge is to
find the right vendors for your company and build strong, long-term relationships that deliver increasing value.

Over the years, China Strategies and the CSSL Group have developed solutions helping clients leverage their strengths to increase the value of their sourcing initiatives. We call our approach:



Innovation It has delivered exceptional results for our clients by:

  Improving margins
  Increasing speed
  Reducing inventories across the supply chain
  Improving reliability and quality
  Expanding innovation

  Clients have realized 10% to 50% improvements in these critical areas depending on
where the are today.  

The 5 Steps to Improved Sourcing:
  Identify product criteria and quantify sourcing objectives
  Design the optimal internal and external approach
  Execute in the US and China
  Realize the initial benefits of an improved sourcing platform
  Use the sourcing platform to move up the value chain
• Product and specification evaluations
• Vendor searches and pre-qualification
• Test sample oversight
• Cost engineering
• Price negotiations
• Vendor evaluations & due diligence
• Competitive assessment
• IPR threat assessment & mitigation
• Production management
• QC inspections
• Value added WMS services
• Export logistics support
• Current process diagnostics
• Organizational assessment
• Goals and objectives review
• Current vendor evaluations
due diligence & benchmarks
• “Fit” & “Gap” analysis
• Improvement opportunities
• Value added service enhancements
• Downstream supply chain rationalization
• Vendor Network Optimization
• Alliance/partnership building
• IPR threat assessment & mitigation
• IS review
• Value added WMS service and fulfillment
• Export logistics support

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